We focus on building relationships, not just transactions.

Step 1: Engage

Text Messages are 17x more engaging than emails.

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Step 2. Understand

Asking the right person, for the right amount increases solicitation success by 62.5%

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What Our Customers Think

Flourish is dedicated to making sure our customers find success.


-Cathy R. Sheffield, CAP®, CSPG, CFRE, FCEP

President, ThinkGiving


-Johnny Berry

Director of Trinity Sports


-Lauren Witson

Marketing Director of The Katy Trail

Step 3. Fundraise

The average person spends over 4 hours a day on their phone

How It Works

  • Harness your fans’ enthusiasm
  • Donors link bank accounts
  • Allow donors to select a project to specify impact
  • Begin to Flourish with donors giving about $25/month

Secured by the best

We take your bank privacy and account protection seriously. We use the same banking system as trusted apps such as Venmo, Facebook, and Lyft.

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Just 10.00% of your donors...

Thousands of dollars, every month.


Exp. Monthly Donations


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Step 4. Retarget

It takes over 90 hours of time with someone before you consider them a real friends

Relationships take work. Utilizing our tools, products, and expertise, we help you to get to know your donors. But it's crucial that you continue to engage your current and prospective donors to maximize their affinity for your cause, thereby maximizing their lifetime value.

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Flourish began with a simple question:
How can people of all ages — particularly the younger generation — give to and engage with the organizations, and causes, they care about?

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