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Google Ad Grant

Imagine what $10,000 in free advertising could do...

P.S. That is a ton of advertising dollars

Market your services, to everyone

Your goal is to maximize your impact. So let's make that happen by making EVERYONE aware of the awesome work you do.

Publicize your next event, to thousands

With this much money, your next volunteer event, or fundraising effort, can be shown to thousands close to home, or across the globe.

Increase fundraising, locally and globally

Whether it's a mega-donor, or an average joe, making sure your brand appears in the right place, is key to driving donations.

What is Google's Ad Grant?

Let's break down this awesome opportunity

$10,000/mo in credits

Google has a program to give eligible nonprofits $10,000 in Google Ad credits so you can spread your mission and reach new prospects.

Real Google Ads

Google Ad Grants works just like Google Ads online advertising, by displaying your message to people who are searching for nonprofits like yours.

Reach new prospects

With Google Ad Grants, your organization appears next to similar nonprofits, and helps you reach people who were previously unaware of your cause.

Google wants you to Flourish

The more frequently your ads appear next to Google search results, the more people will be aware of your cause, translating into more donations and volunteers.

Ready for your free consultation?

We are happy to chat with you about the program or help collect the materials to apply. At then end of the day, we want you to get the grant - whether you use our services or not!

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Flourish Delivers Targeted Marketing

We can help manage your $10,000.

Get the Grant

Let us help you compile the information and get the grant! For free! You will never be charged until after you have received your $10,000/mo credit.

Define your goals

Understanding your goals are key to developing a good campaign. We spend time with every client to understand your needs, before starting ads.

Develop your messaging

We work with your team to craft targeted keywords, and ideal placement, so the right people see your ads.

Manage your campaigns

Our team tracks your success weekly, making sure the campaigns are performing to our standards.

Navigate Google's requirements

Let our team worry about Google's 14 rules, making sure your account is always active, so you can focus on your impact.

Choose the Option That's Right for You

* Subject to implementation of proprietary analytics suite

Want to learn more?

We are always availible to discuss how you could benefit from this awesome program

Your consultation includes:

  • Discuss advantages of Google Ad Grant
  • Define Ad goals and new initiatives
  • Compile information for Google's application
  • Submit nonprofit verification with Techsoup

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