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  • One-Click Relationships $250/mo

    With One-Click relationships, you will recieve 4,500 text messages/mo, 2 hours of our time to build/optimize automated conversations, and delivery, open & click reports.

  • Targeted Marketing $750/mo+ad. spend

    With targeted marketing, you will recieve 1 highly targeted social media campaign/mo, access to monthly Google ad credits*, 4 hours of time to craft campaign, and click & conversion reports.

  • The Flourish App $100/mo + 8% of donations > $1,000

    The app comes with a customizable organization profile on the Flourish App, an admin dashboard to view live app data, and the ability to create and edit projects within the app.

  • Deep Analytics $350/mo

    Deep analytics provides you with a list of your top 20 prospects and donors with the highest lifetime value. We also provide a personalization analysis for each donor using Flourish.

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1. Deep analytics are only availible to customers of The Flourish App and/or One-Click Relationships

* Subject to Google's approval

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  • One-Click Relationships
  • Targeted Marketing
  • The Flourish App
  • Deep Analytics



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Flourish began with a simple question:
How can people of all ages — particularly the younger generation — give to and engage with the organizations, and causes, they care about?

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